Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Mother's Day and No Need for Stuff

An interesting thing happened this weekend.  Normally for Mother's Day, I like to go to our local farmer's market and look at all the crafts, eat some kettle corn (they have the BEST kettle corn), and I will often choose something that I like for my gift. My boys always make something for me in my Mommy Book (an idea I saw years ago in a Real Simple article). I say this is all I need, but my husband always wants me to have more. So we go to the market and I pick something I like. 

So a few days before Mother's Day, my sweet husband asked if I would like to go to the market and get one of my candles. I used up my favorite locally made candle, recently, and they sell them at the market.  But, the night before, I decided I didn't really want to go and look at all the stuff and deal with all the people (it's REALLY busy on Mother's Day).  I really just wanted to hang out with my kids and play. I decided I wanted to sleep in, go eat breakfast, play in the little pool and eat popsicles. Even if it meant I didn't get my candle.  

The next morning my boys surprised me with my Mommy Book and a song they wrote me (on their own with no prompting from their daddy).  Brandon had ordered me a shirt, but it hadn't arrived, so he made a little certificate that said it was on the way, but in the meantime I could use $X on whatever I wanted. 

Here's where the weird part comes in. I had no idea what to use it on. Normally, I have a huge list of things I want when I have extra money, or people ask for a gift list. But, I had no idea. And I still don't.  I've decided to order a cute decal for my Yeti knock off, but those are super inexpensive and barely uses any money from my allotted amount. And beyond that... I don't know what to get. 

I haven't been looking through the aisles at Target, and therefore don't know specific things I really want. I haven't been on social media.  I didn't realize how much that influences my purchasing behavior. Facebook has those ads all the time and they are so good at targeting people. I am careful about what I follow on Instagram, but I do specifically follow a couple of women who run businesses. They are really encouraging and I really enjoy their content. But, they are running businesses and they promote their products, and really make me want stuff that I wouldn't otherwise care as much about. 

It's a nice feeling to not have tons of stuff I'm yearning to have.  

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