Saturday, January 21, 2017

Playing for Change

Things were getting pretty hard. I couldn't understand why my home felt so out of control.  My temper was short and it seemed like my kids were simply insane. What was wrong with them?!  Why wouldn't they just chill out and do what I asked?  I truly thought something was wrong with my 4 year old.  I had worked with a classroom full of four year olds and his behavior did not seem typical. And why was he so anxious all the time?

Then one day it just kind of clicked. There was nothing wrong with my children. There was something wrong with ME!  I had checked out. I had a very short fuse, was incredibly irritable, and even the smallest thing would set me off.  I had my face buried in my phone or my mind occupied with a never ending to-do list of things that were not important.  My kid was anxious because I was always raising my voice at him. My children were acting insane because they needed my attention. Somehow, in my quest for the perfect life, I was ruining ours.

So I set out to make small steps for positive change inside the four walls that were meant to nurture my children (and not to control them). One very important step was to put aside my distractions and PLAY with my children.  I can't even tell you the difference that this one change has made. Not only are my kids getting attention, but I'm more patient when I am more present. Plus, it's fun to play Legos and Go Fish! 🙃

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