Monday, May 5, 2014

Blessings for a Working Mother

I dropped my sweet thing off at Nana's and he cried as I left.  It is especially hard on a Wednesday, because that's one of my 2 job days (leave one job to head to an evening shift at my second).  I was frustrated that I had to leave him and posted the following on my Facebook page:

       Say what you will about women's rights and feminism....but when I leave my baby with him
       crying "Mommy!" solidifies that Mommies were not meant to be in the workplace.

It was supposed to be an innocent comment expressing my frustration for having to work when I want to be home with my little man.   I should have known better.  The remainder of the day was filled with debate on women's rights, parenting, and people likely frowning at their computers or smart phones wondering why Nicole hates working mothers and thinks they are terrible parents for working to feed their families.