Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Repurpose Playing Cards Into Busy Books

I've had this post waiting for you for some time now.  Finally getting around to sharing it with you.

We are going on vacation soon and will be traveling several hours with a toddler.  I've been making busy bags to keep him entertained in the car and for use when we go to restaurants (he gets very frustrated at restaurants).

I really liked the idea for a texture book and decided to make one.  Instead of using scrapbook paper or cardboard, I pulled out some old playing cards that I was saving for the perfect craft.  I was missing some, so the deck wasn't playable anymore, but I knew they would be useful.

I made several little busy books using these cards and random stuff I had at the house.

Want to make your own?

Old playing cards
Hole Punch
Pipe Cleaners
Hot Glue Gun and Glue
Random  Stuff (think texture, color, and safe, non-choking items)

  • Punch two holes on the end of each card.  This will be where we "bind" the book
  • Glue your random stuff to the backs of your playing cards in whatever pattern you want
  • Decide on your page order and stack them
  • Thread a pipe cleaner through each of two holes to attach your pages together
  • Twist your pipe cleaners around themselves to make a little ring
  • Give to a child and let them explore
Easy, huh?  I don't give these to my son all the time.  I want them to stay "new" so that he will be interested in crucial times (trying to eat dinner without a toddler yelling to climb out of the highchair and wreak havoc on the restaurant).  However, he really seems to like them when he does get to play with them.

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