Monday, December 9, 2013

A Mother's Lot

My Sweet Son,
I know that Papa will always spoil you better.  Daddy will always be more fun.  Nana will always feed you yummier foods.  Weezy will always read the best. Grandpa has all the kitties, Papi has the big tractors, and Abuelita sings to you in words you've never heard. 

I know that one day you will ask me not to hug you in front of your friends.  I know that sometimes, you will ask me not to come to your games.  And one day, you will likely utter the words, "My mom is so dumb".

But that's OK.  Because I also know that when you are hurt, you ask for my kisses.  When you are lonely, you ask me to pay attention to you.  When you are tired, you ask me to snuggle.  When you are sad, or wake up in the morning, or want food, or to be tickled, you ask for me.  And while sometimes you might push me away, and refuse my kisses, I know that you love me.  And more importantly, I know that you know that I love you.

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