Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Clouds Still Scroll

Mornings are hard....full of lunch making, bag packing, breakfast making, diaper changing, sock finding, car loading, and somehow I have to get myself ready, too.  My arms are always full, the carseat is always difficult, and I fight away the sleep still trying to overpower by body.  My mind is on two things-Get to Nana' on time for work.

But somehow, the other morning, I looked up.  The clouds caught my attention.  As one unit, they scrolled across the sky, just like the scene on my son's lullaby aquarium.  I took a deep breath of fresh air and listened to the birds chirping in my trees.  I soaked it in for just a second before hopping into the car to continue on my way.
Sometimes, it's just nice to know that even when my life seems crazy and out of control, the world still turns.  The sun still rises, the birds still chirp, and the clouds still scroll.

I'm glad there is a world outside of me.

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