Friday, October 25, 2013

Toddlers...and Talking..and God

Toddlers are great.  Like, totally my favorite.  Part of me wishes that Baby Boy would not grow beyond now and would stay a toddler forever.  Then, as I have more kids, they would all grow to toddlerhood and stop, as well.  Eventually, I would have a house full of bubbly, independent, exploring, toddling kiddos.

That being said....communication with a toddler can be very difficult.  They come to you chattering nonsense, repeating it over and over waiting for you to do what they ask.  All the while you stand there, dumbfounded, as you try to figure out what on earth the rascal is telling you.  Sometimes, the little one will just give up and move on, because it wasn't that important to them, anyhow.  But when it is very important, they will continue.  You use cues from your surroundings.  "Do you want the hippo?"  Or you ask them, "Can you show me?  Show me what you are talking about."  Eventually, with enough work on your part, you can usually figure out what the little munchkin is getting at.

Sometimes, I feel like communicating with God is a lot like communicating with a toddler.  He tries so hard to tell us something.  But somehow, we just can't figure it out.  Sometimes, we may not even hear Him.  Other times, we know He is speaking, but His words are gibberish.  If it's important to Him, He will continue.  At this point, we start to use cues from our surroundings.  Looking at our lives and what is going on around us.  Speaking to trusted friends or loved ones.  Perhaps they have the discernment to understand what God is trying to say.  Or...perhaps, we just aren't listening close enough.

Either way, hopefully, we will eventually figure out what the big guy is getting at.  I'm listening really close, today.

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  1. Wow, I love this analogy. Usually I see from my kids are I'm just like them in God's eyes. But this is a perfect example of what it can be like hearing God. Maybe this is what Jesus meant that we must be like little children--maybe we understood Him better when we were speaking gibberish too :)