Wednesday, October 23, 2013

September Sweetheart

I'm back.  Did you notice anything new?  I've got a few changes going on around here.

This blog has moved.  I started this blog as a place to write about my crafts.  But, as I wrote and shared, I realized that there were other things close to my heart.  Other things I enjoy sharing.  And so, I outgrew Nicole's Craftastic Life, and my online journey has a new home.

You can still find me on blogger, if you follow me there, or if you type in the old address, and you will be getting the same content as everybody else.  But, my blog is now a website!  You can find me at

So, welcome to September Sweetheart!

Now, instead of a blog about random things, posing as a craft blog, September Sweetheart is about the things I find passion for.  While you will still find posts about whatever strikes my heart or is on my mind, this blog is mostly about my passions.  Family, crafting, and leading a happier, healthier lifestyle.

While you are not going to get daily posts, I'm aiming to provide you with more quality, but you's still a learning process.

Why September Sweetheart (of course you are dieing to know)?  Easy.  September is the best month, because it's the month I married my sweetheart.

Hope you enjoy the new space!

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