Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Reusable Treat Container

We get lots of fun treats at work to celebrate different holidays.  It's usually some sort of box or bowl or cup filled with candy and other small goodies.  This is really fun and festive.  But, once I finish all the goodies inside, I can never figure out what to do with the container.  The new minimalist in me, thought long and hard about this.  I don't have a use for this plastic cup.  I don't want to throw it away.  This doesn't look like a recyclable plastic.  I guess I will bring it home for Baby to put things in (which I did).  I wish there was a way that I didn't have a new goody container to find a use for each time.  Wouldn't it be cool if we had something that just got reused each time?  I COULD MAKE SOMETHING!  HOW FUN!  I COULD MAKE THEM PERSONALIZED AND REALLY CUTE!  

So, I did.  Our goodie planner suggested terra cotta pots.  I looked online and found a few ideas I liked.  I knew I wanted everyone's names on them and I wanted chalkboard paint, so that they could be customized for each occasion.  I also wanted to make sure that the girls had something really cute, and the guys had something less girly.  Here's what I came up with.

 (Note: The "less girly" version has a solid border around the chalkboard paint, no twine, and block lettering)

I wanted to give you a tutorial on this, but let me tell you a secret.  The method I used, was definitely not the best one.  And I bet you could come up with something much better if you just use your imagination.  But, if you need a little help, here's what I did....

  • I got the pots at Michael's ($1.25 each).
  • I used an acrylic paint pen to write the names and make the border around the chalkboard area.
  • I used spray chalkboard paint...pretty cool
  • I tried using a homemade stencil (out of contact paper) for the chalkboard area.  Don't do that.  I gave up.  Since the pots flare out and the contact paper is just doesn't work.
  • I used painter's tape to mark out the chalkboard square and taped down a grocery bag to cover the areas I didn't want painted.
  • The border around the chalkboard square is to cover up my mistakes (i.e. the chalkboard paint seeped through the edges of the painter's tape and made messy edges).
  • I attached the twine with hot glue.  I needed glue on the back and on both sides to keep it from falling all over the place.
These would be nice table place settings for a party or  could be used to hold each person's pocket contents at the end of the day.  Try your own version and share them with me.  I'm sure you will come up with something great!

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