Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Minimalism: Some of My Money Lessons, So Far.

I'm still feeling sort of lost when it comes to my budgeting task, this month.  Have you ever felt like you have cut everything you could possibly cut and still aren't where you want to be?  While I know I have stuff I CAN cut, I don't think it is the best plan to do so in certain cases.

But, I have learned a few things, already.  Well, to be honest, I started this last month, so technically, I learned it before my May goal began, but who cares?

Look at your expenses.  I mean really really look at them.  Brandon and I sat down and wrote out how much we spend, in a year, on lots of different things.  I was shocked at how much I spent on certain things and how little I spent on others.  It is impossible to know where to save, if you don't know, for sure, where you are overspending.

Think about what you buy.  I am a REALLY bad impulse buyer.  REALLY REALLY bad.  When you want to buy something....think about it.  Many times you do not need or even really want the item.  This will save you money and reduce your clutter.  In order to keep my impulse buys at bay, I unsubscribed from notifications on great deals.  For example, Zulily and Pick Your Plum might have great stuff, but I don't need it.  If I don't know there is a great deal out there for something, I won't know what a great deal I'm missing out on.  Problem solved (somewhat).

Keep tuned for the other lessons I learn this month.

P.S.  I have some crafts that I really want to share.  I've just been too busy to edit the photos and write the posts for you.  Hopefully I can get them to you soon!

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