Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Minimalism: April Wrap Up and May Goals

April Goals

Focus Area 1:  Clothes and Project 333

I did end up getting rid of some clothes (see my post on Impromptu Clothes Purge), but most of my clothing focus has been with Project 333.  I taylored it a little, to meet my personal clothing goals (retrain my thinking about clothes), but I am really loving it so far.  I found it hard to pare down to 33 things, but once I got started, I actually had items I wasn't using, so I swapped them out with things I realized I was missing.  This is proof that it is working.  We (or is it just me?) tend to think that we need things we don't, or we like things that we actually don't even wear.  Discovering these truths will really help me minimize my wardrobe.

Focus Area 2:  The house as a whole

I have a nice stock pile of  stuff for the yard sale, but I still have a ways to go.  I really sort of want to just sell everything I own and start over...but that isn't practical for me.
Habit Former:  Stop holding on to things that I'm not using.

This is hard for me.  I'm going through things to put in the yard sale.  But this is just difficult.  Even if I'm not using stuff, for whatever reason, I just want to keep things.  But, I'm making progress.

May Goals

Focus Area: Money

We spend above our means, plain and simple.  This month I am diving into our finances.  We are gonna get real at our house and make some changes.  Beginning in July, we will be taking a decent reduction in income, as Brandon's teaching contract concludes.  He has a summer job, but starting in August, things are totally unknown.  We really have to buckle down.  I'm hoping to share what I have learned and some suggestions from others, as well.

Habit Former:  Rethink money and necessities.

We often think we need things we don't, and money just seems to disappear if we don't think about each penny.  This month, I plan to change this.  

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