Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Minimalism: March Wrap Up and April Goals

I meant to have this to you several days ago.  But, please bear with me.  I'm so busy, right now.

March Goals

Focus Area:  Kitchen-Namely my pantry, refrigerator, meal planning and grocery shopping.

I cleaned out my refrigerator, freezer and pantry.  I started meal planning again, and worked hard to stick with it.  This is sort of difficult for us, because our schedule is constantly changing.  But, I did my best.  Convincing my husband that it's a good idea to eat what's on the menu has been a challenge, too.  I probably need to consult him more when I make my menus, so that he is more up for eating what I've planned.

I bought wash tubs to organize my pantry.  I have a really deep pantry, which makes it really hard to keep organized.  Now, each week, I put all the pantry items for that week's menu into a bin.  When it's time to cook, I just pull the bin out, and I don't have to dig through the whole pantry.  I also have a bin for my baby food/baby snacks.

We buy less groceries, now, too (I think).

Habit Former:  Meal-plan more consistently.  Waste less food.  Eat more simply.
Yup.  I did this.  I ate more leftovers and followed my meal-plans.

April Goals

This month is a bit different.  I decided to participate in Project 333, but I am also participating in a community yard sale at the beginning of May, so April will have 2 focus areas.

Focus Area 1:  Clothes

I am not focusing on getting rid of clothes, per se.  I am just focusing on what clothes I actually want, like, and need.  I will probably get rid of some, now, but will do most of this at the end of Project 333.  This month is more about retraining my thinking on clothes.

Focus Area 2:  The house as a whole

I need to gather things for the yard sale next month.  This means I'm going to go through my whole house (though not in extreme detail) and decide on what I plan to sell.
Habit Former:  Stop holding on to things that I'm not using.

I tend to keep things because they are useful, not because I am using them.  If it is useful, I figure I might need it, "one day".  But, often, "one day" never comes.  If it does, do I really want to hold on to the item until I need it?  Probably not.   

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