Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Impromptu Clothes Purge

I sort of had a default breakdown turned closet purge, the other night.  I came home from school to find that tons of my laundry (which was in my basement being successfully ignored) had been washed for me.

Of course, that is a really kind thing for someone to do.  But, instead of being thankful, I found myself in my room, overwhelmed.  I told Brandon, "Now I have to find somewhere to put all of these clothes."  His response? We have to many clothes (duh). 
He reminded me that these clothes had been in our room before, piled on the floor, but had been moved to the laundry area when he cleaned our room a while back.  "I know, but I didn't have to think about it, when it was downstairs.  Now I have to deal with it."  To which he suggested, "Why don't I go get a trash bag and we'll throw it all away?"

OK.  So I pulled out clothes I didn't need or care about and put them in the bag to donate (not throw away).  I got really crazy and filled a garbage bag with shoes, too.  Good riddance to it all! 

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