Sunday, March 10, 2013

Minimize: Wasted Food

Here we are in March, and I am full swing into my food minimizing.  Did you see this study a couple months ago about wasted food?!  While it’s not super surprising that we waste so much, it is super disgusting… and sad.  I don’t even know how to put into words what I think.  I know I can't send my rotting food to someone who is starving, but….why?  Why do we do this?
To kick off my food minimalization (is that a word?), I cleaned out my pantry and my fridge.  That, too, was disgusting.  Cleaning out my fridge is always nasty.  Sometimes I think I might vomit (and I don’t have a very strong gag reflex).  I almost filled a full garbage bag from my fridge and freezer, alone.  I went through my pantry and found multiples of things I didn’t even need.  I had four boxes of corn starch.  FOUR BOXES…of CORNSTARCH.  What do I need that for?  Three of them were already open!  I have like 10 little bottles of sprinkles and sugar confetti for decorating cookies, along with all the little icings and food coloring.  OK….I have lived in my home for over 4 years and we have decorated cookies all of…….never.
 ahh....that's better
I got rid of a lot of food, and this doesn’t even consider the full standing freezer in my basement that I have yet to clean out.  This tells me several things.

I overbuy.

I overcook.

I underplan.

This is what I am hoping to overcome this month.

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