Friday, March 1, 2013

Minimalsim:February Wrap-Up and March Goals


Focus Area: Baby's Room

I sorted through Baby's new things from his birthday and put them into the toy rotation (after letting him play with them all for a couple of weeks).  I also cleaned out and organized his closet.  I reorganized his dresser to fit his new, big boy clothes in the drawers.  And, I put his "baby" clothes away for a someday little brother.

Habit Former: Be more intentional about Baby's play time and what I buy him.

I'm gonna be real with you.  I basically forgot about this.  Lame, right?  I know.  I did write up a little "curriculum" to do with Baby over the year.  But, I changed my mind.  While that worked in my classroom, it doesn't work in my home.  Not right now.  We already have a pretty good schedule that we stick to....good enough, I think.  I have decided to add our learning/art time back to the mornings, after breakfast.  Other than that....we're good.

As far as being more intentional about what I buy for him?  It didn't cross my mind, so I guess I failed.  I will try again this month.

March Goals

Focus Area:  Kitchen-Namely my pantry, refrigerator, meal planning and grocery shopping.

I am going back to school this month (at night, 4 nights a week).'s true.  I'm a lunatic.  As if I have time.  But, it's something I want to do, and without writing an entire post inside this is the time.  So, I need to make sure my boys are taken care of.  I want to make sure my sweet husband isn't eating Wendy's every night, and I need to semi-healthfully feed myself on the run.  I want to waste less food, waste less money, and streamline it all.

Habit Former:  Meal-plan more consistently.  Waste less food.  Eat more simply.

This speaks for itself.

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