Thursday, February 28, 2013

Helping Home: A Fun Way to Schedule Helping Into Our Lives

In efforts to create a helping atmosphere in my home, I've decided to set forth to do something good for someone else, each month.  After creating this, I realized it is similar to the Studers 12 Months of Kindness.  Great minds, I guess.

Initially, I wanted to do this with a planned good deed every week.  But, I will be honest...I would not be able to follow through on that.  So I decided to go with 1 a month.

So, I created
Helping Home

You could do this so many ways, but I chose to use a visual advent calendar style.  Each envelope contains a card with a good deed to accomplish that month.  I went really easy for the first time around.  Some of you would probably look at my list and scoff.  But, I wanted to be realistic.  I wanted to start close to home.  If every envelope was filled with good deeds to bestow on perfect strangers, I wouldn't happen.  We might do a month or 2, and then it would be the end.  What good is it if we aren't doing good deeds to the people already in our lives, anyway.  Plus, I have a baby, so going on  mission trip or something else extravagant simply isn't an option.  I started small.  My cards contain things like, "Call or have a nice conversation with someone,"  "Bring goodies to co-workers," "Invite someone over for a home cooked meal."  No big deal, but they can certainly warm someone's heart and can instill an atmosphere of helpfulness and kindness in mine.

Wanna make one?  It's easy!

Envelopes (make your own, buy some, or scavange from your stationary drawer)
Colored Paper
Paper Clips
Hot Glue Gun and Glue
Marker or Letter Stickers (optional)

I made my envelopes out of some pretty scrapbook paper.  I used my Silhouette, but they would be pretty simple to make without one (try this tutorial).  Add one number (1-12) to each envelope using stickers, scrapbook paper or a marker.

Cut out your "Helping Home" headers in whatever shape you would like.  Add your words with scrapbook paper letters, stickers, or marker.

Glue a strip of ribbon to the back of each header.

Affix 6 paper clips down the length of each ribbon.  I glued them, but you could tie them, instead.

Write one helping act on each of 12 papers and insert inside your envelopes.

Slip the envelopes into the paperclips, and you are done!

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  1. This is awesome and so adorable. Much more visually cute than ours (thanks for the shout out too). I agree, no matter how small an act of kindness is worth it!