Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why Minimalism?

I know that minimalism is a way of life for a lot of people.  I'm sure their types of minimalism all vary, as do their reasons for choosing it.  There are several reasons why it appeals to me.

More Time
  I spend a good amount of time dealing with stuff.  I shop for it.  I find a place for it.  I spend time cleaning it or picking it up.  The more stuff, the more time it takes.  Less stuff means less time wasted dealing with it.  Obviously some things are time savers, but there comes a point when too many things are just that....too many.

More Money
  This is pretty obvious.  The more things I buy, the more money I spend.  I find myself buying too many little things that are a "good deal".  But these things add up.  The less I buy, the more money I have.  

Less Mess obvious one.  The less things I have to clutter up my home, the less mess I will have.  Clutter is impossible to keep up with.

Less Stress
  This stuff stresses me out!  My house rarely feels relaxing.  It just feels like a constant to-do list.  I intend to work toward minimalism in both stuff and other life things (like my constantly huge to-do list).   I'm hoping this can lead to less stress and hopefully a clearer mind.

Why do you think minimalism is beneficial?


  1. I do! My whole hallway I have packed of things to take to the Samaritan center. I cleaned out my guest room,linen closet, and coat closet. The garage will be the next huge project.

    What I don't know how to get rid of is all my baby toys. What are you doing about that? My living room is a huge playroom for Jayden. Should I minimize toys too?

    1. Well....I'm not getting rid of much baby stuff till we are done with babies. But, in the mean time, I have his things split up on a cart to rotate toys. In my experience, kids like the variety and get overwhelmed with too many toys, anyway. Plus, it makes for less mess to clean up.