Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Simple Fleece Blanket

 My sweet monkey likes fleece blankets.   In efforts to give him something to soothe him (and because I needed to make him something homemade for Christmas), I decided to make him a blankie.

I didn't want to do the knotted kind with the two fabrics.  I am very picky about what I will give him to sleep with, and those are too thick (they don't pass my "breathe through" test).

I didn't want to mess with binding the edges.  I'm simply too lazy.

I found this blanket, and liked the way it looked, as well as the simplicity.  The no-knots gave it a smoother look, but it did still have two layers.  I adapted it to meet my baby sleep standards.

I sewed a yellow flannel "B" on the back (make sure you sew this on backwards, or it will be backwards when you turn the blanket to the front).

After sewing the fabric to the back, I snipped the fleece out of the inside of the B.  This way the yellow shows through.

Even though there was only 1 layer of fleece, I still sewed a little border around the perimeter of the blanket, just for a more finished look.  Then, I cut the little strips from the edge of the fleece to the border.

Ta-da!  Turned out really well, if you ask me.  Baby approves.  He's already started eating it and likes to cuddle it.

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