Sunday, January 20, 2013

Shop Free Week Wrap Up

Well, today wrapped up my shop free week.  I have to say...I enjoyed it.  It brought a few things to light.

Taking multiple small shopping trips (vs. 1 big one) are a waste of time and stress me out.
  I hate taking a lot of time out of one day to buy everything I will need for a full week.  But, each little trip to pick up everything I didn't get on my "one" trip for the week (or things I don't need to get at all), actually take up a lot of time.
  Although I haven't done any comparison, I bet it saves money, as well.  A small trip to the store to buy shampoo, inevitably ends up as a trip home with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a magazine, and a box of crackers.

It's not hard to eliminate the little trips.
  It just takes a little planning.  Before I started my shop free week, I made a list of everything we would need for the week.  Luckily, I've been keeping a running list this month, since I'm trying not to buy anything that isn't on a list.  I took this list and added to it as I felt necessary for the coming week.  Then, I took my shopping trip to 3 different stores (sigh).  But, after that, I didn't have to waste any more time shopping during the week.

Less shopping = Less stuff
  This is pretty obvious.  The less shopping you do, the less great things you will discover that you "need" to buy (inevitably cluttering up your home).

I think I need stuff.  I don't.
  There were several times I thought that I needed something.  But, when I thought about buying it (and breaking my shop free week), I realized I didn't need it.  Or...I realized I did, but not right then, so it just went on the list to buy next time.

I like doing this. 
  I think I'm going to do a shop free week each month.  Somehow it takes a slight burden off of me.  Weird.



  1. We've worked out our grocery and coupon list to where we go to the store once every week and a half to two weeks. Unless it's sunflower seeds, the Mrs. loves sunflower seeds so if we're out I drop everything (except babies) and make an emergency run.

  2. I'm curious: When it's not a shop-free week, how often do you go to the store? I hate hauling both kids around for errands, so I can't imagine going out more than once :)

    You think you'd ever work up to a month? I dream about that. We buy a lot of the same staples each month anyway, so I feel like I should be able to shop once a month and make short weekly trips for produce (or visit the Farmer's Market once a week when the weather is good). I'll keep dreaming :)

    1. It's more often than I would like to admit. And, of course, it's always different. But, other than my regular grocery trip, I (or sometimes I send Brandon) probably take a least 1 or 2 other food runs because I forgot bread or pasta sauce or something. And then, I sometimes go to the store(s) for non food stuff another time.
      It is a lot of work. I don't know why I do it. Other than it seems more fun to go buy stuff than do chores...and I don't plan well.

    2. Yeah, buying stuff does sound more fun than chores :) When I think about it, I think I ran to the store a lot more when it was just Brylee. Now it's just too much work, so I keep dreaming of going only once in an entire month :)