Monday, January 7, 2013

Motherhood Monday- Prayers and Sign Language

One of my favorite things about this age is the learning.  I love watching as little ones learn everyday, mundane things.  It somehow brings a little magic back into life.

My little guy is learning, lately (well...I guess they always are, huh?).  I'm incredibly excited that he is finally doing his first sign!  I worked with kiddos a bit older than him, so I wasn't sure when to expect him to pick it up.  But, for a few days, now, he has been consistently, correctly, using the sign for "all done".  It is so incredibly exciting for me!

He is also starting to seem to understand prayer (wow!).  Or, at least he seem to understand when we are praying.  I doubt that he really gets what we are doing.  But, when we say bedtime prayer, I hold his hands together and pray in my quiet prayer voice.  He sits very quietly and very still (not a common thing for him).  Then, when I say "amen" and let his hands go, he lets out a sweet little sing song sound resembling my sing song "amen".

Man, it's cute!

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