Monday, January 14, 2013

Motherhood Monday-Hold on to These Times

It was another one of those days. Baby was giving me a little run for the money.  He wanted to nurse much more than I wanted.  He didn't want to sleep.  He was rough with me and the cats (I can't believe they haven't swatted him, yet).

But, as I was about an hour in, trying hard to get him to take his afternoon nap, I looked at his sweet little face and baby is 11 months old.  He won't be like this for long.  He won't always let me hold him and rock him and kiss his cheeks.  It won't be long and I will be wishing this moment back.  So, instead of feeling frustrated, I decided to hold on to the moment for just a little while...breathe it in....soak up the sight of my sweet sweet boy.

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