Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Minimalism: The Gift List

If you haven't picked up on it, yet...I have a problem with buying things I don't need. My weaknesses are good deals on:

Super Cute Things (this could be anything, really)
Scrapbook Paper
Kitchen supplies
Baby Stuff

But, now that I am trying to adopt a shopping list lifestyle, good deals need to be mostly overlooked.  I mean, honestly...if you don't need it, it really isn't a good deal, is it?  My best tool for avoiding impulse purchases is....

My phone!  I take pictures of the grand things I want, so I don't forget about them.  Then, I walk away.  Usually, I don't go back and buy it at another time.  Often things aren't as great as they seem in the moment.

But sometimes, something is just so wonderful, I cannot pass it up.  Enter, my "GIFT LIST".

Wait...what's my gift list, you ask?

I made a list of all the gifts I plan to buy in the course of the year.  This includes birthdays, Mother's/Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, and Anniversary.  It does not include things that I cannot predict (baby showers and weddings), but I did allot for other gifts.  I broke it down and showed who I would buy a gift for in each occasion, as well as how much I expected to spend.  I was shocked at the total.  True, this was not a comprehensive list of gift expenses I have made in the past, but it is pretty close to what I typically do.  It probably accounts for less than what I have actually bought in the past.  After putting the total on my list, I also put a goal of what I'd like to reduce this total to.  I printed the list and put it in my wallet.

Ok...like I said....

But sometimes, something is just so wonderful, I cannot pass it up.  Enter, my "GIFT LIST".  When I see something just amazing, but not something I need or can actually find a use or place for, I like to buy them for someone else.  Now, I pull out my gift list to see what occasion this could be used for, instead of buying it for some undetermined occasion, to inevitably forget about it and buy another gift for it later.  Once that occasion is purchased for, I cannot buy for that occasion.  I have already started using it, and I really like it.

And, yes, I have already purchased an item for next Christmas.  Shhh.


  1. That is a great idea! Even though we don't do much gifts, I bet I wouldn't like the total we'd spend. But doing it this way would make it even more fun to try and thrift (which I always say I'm going to do). It's hard to buy a gift last minute at a thrift store, but it'd be much easier to pick up great deals over the course of a year. I'm inspired, Nicole. Thank you!

    1. Thrifting gifts is a great idea, too! Definitely easier done if you plan ahead!