Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Motherhood Monday-Christmas Time

Oops....had this all written up and forgot to post it, yesterday.  Sorry.

Well, Christmas time is here.  It's my little monkey's first!

We went to our local Christmas parade, on a whim, the other night.  It wasn't too exciting, but Baby sure liked it.  He enjoyed the sounds, and the lights, and the flashing blue light on the cop car blocking traffic, nearby.

Baby got a gift at my work Christmas party the other day.  I expected him to really enjoy pulling the tissue paper out of the bag, but was not interested at all.  So, in efforts to make Christmas a little more fun, we are going to "practice".  We will pull tissue paper out of a bag and tear paper.  Maybe this way, he will know what to do when Christmas rolls around.  And, it's good, seasonal fine motor learning, anyway (yes, I used to teach in a 1-year-old classroom, and yes, I had to write lesson plans that included this sort of thing).

My sweet boy is sick for the first time.  We've had the sniffles before, but this is the first time he has actually been sick.  It's so pitiful.

Here's my sick boy with his Fever-Bugz on.  For the record, I found them to be really inaccurate.   Maybe he is too little?

The big new is that Baby got a "new" room!  It's not done, yet, but I will give you a post about it, when it is.  The main change?  No crib!

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