Friday, November 23, 2012

Actually Using Pinterest

I hope you are recovering from yesterday!

In the Meantime...Let's Talk About Pinterest

I see complaints a lot about people pinning tons of stuff on Pinterest, but never doing them.  I am here today to tell you...I DO!  And in some ways, it's actually made life simpler.  Need a cute idea for something?  Hey!  I have one filed away, just pick one.

For Thanksgiving, yesterday, I made these from this pin.
See the original post here
Aren't they cute?!

I also made this yummy salad from this pin.
See the original post here

I sort of have a problem with Thanksgiving food.  Its all heavy and cooked and fried.  I like light and fresh.  This salad fit the bill!  I added some snap peas and I didn't make my own dressing...I just bought a balsamic vinaigrette.

Look There's More!

Here are some other things I've made from Pinterest.  Click on the photo to view my post about each item.

If I can utilize posts on Pinterest, you can too!  But if it makes life stressful, I say...don't worry about it.  Pinterest is supposed to be fun!

Just a reminder that not all attempts work out how we plan.  :)

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