Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Motherhood Tuesday

Sorry I missed you for Motherhood Monday.  Better late than never?

Brandon and I celebrated our anniversary last Friday, so I had my first night away from Baby.  Brandon has had to leave a couple times since Baby was born, so it wasn't a first for him.  But, it was for me.  Luckily, we left him with this lovely lady (aka, my Mommy), so I felt alright about it.

I learned (or remembered) that even when you are taking time "off" from parenting, you never really can.  You still worry about your little one, think about him, and miss him (which is how it should be).  And....TMI Alert!!!....as a nursing mom, you still have to pump.  You can't take time away from that.  Baby still has to eat, and if you ignore it, you will be in pain, and your flow will be off.

But, Baby was just fine, and we still had a good time.  I'd like to say I got some extra sleep, but I still woke up several times at night.  Guess I'm on his schedule, now.

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