Monday, October 22, 2012

Motherhood Monday-The Vaccination Decision

I'm one of those mothers who chose to vaccinate her child.  But on days like today, days where we go to the pediatrician and get 3 shots and my sweet little monkey cries real tears and wimpers for several minutes after I've calmed him down, I wish I wasn't one of those moms.

To be completely honest, I don't know what the right decision is with vaccinations.  I am typically pretty Mother-Nature minded, but I don't run away from medications if they seem necessary.  When I was pregnant, I struggled with the vaccination decision, but ultimately, these were the reasons I chose to vaccinate.

  • I spoke to my midwife (who is pretty like minded to me) about the "debate".  She told me that she chose to vaccinate.  She has 3 boys who play sports.  She told me that if one of her boys got something aweful like Polio and we no longer able to do that, she would never forgive herself. for thought.
  • I researched the vaccine/autism angle.  From what I understand, the viewpoint that vaccinations cause autism was widely discredited.  It seems that there is simply a correlation because the age that you start to notice autism in children is the same age that you typically get certain vaccinations.
  • Not all parents vaccinate.  This was actually a reason that I decided to.  1)  I don't want my child to get something awful from another child that wasn't vaccinated.  2) I don't want my child to give something awful to another child that wasn't vaccinated.
  • It's hard to find pediatricians that will take patients that will not be vaccinated.  In fact, I've heard that in my area, there are no pediatricians that will see you if you choose against vaccinations.
That's it.  I shudder to even put this out in space for all to see, since this is such a controversial topic, but this is what's on my mind, today.  I feel like it was the right decision for us.  


  1. It's a difficult decison to make, that's for sure! The more research I did on the subject, the more it made sense... we are starting to hear more and more about those childhood diseases in which kids used to die from all the time. And that's because more and more go without vaccinating. Stay strong lil' mamma!!! :)

    1. Thanks, Trista! It definitely is difficult. In parenthood, everything isn't clear cut. I'm glad to know you are in the same boat as me.