Monday, October 8, 2012

Motherhood Monday-A New Kind of Normal

 Life is busy when you are a new mom.  I keep wondering when things are going to get normal, again.  But, then I realize, they won't.  Just like I will never be a teenager, again, I will never not be a mom.  This is my normal.  And I need to embrace it.

Rather than trying so hard to get everything back to what I'm used to, I just need to get used to what everything has become.  I like being a mom.  I like my husband.  I like my car, my purse, my memory foam mattress and I have learned to like caffeine free Dr. Pepper.  I like my life.  I just need to remember that I like this New Kind of Normal, too, and get used to it.
 Goodbye old...Hello new.

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  1. Totally agree... Growing up is bittersweet- but time to embrace it!!!