Monday, September 24, 2012

Motherhood Monday-I'm back!

Did you think I'd fallen off the face of the earth?!  Well...if you are a mother (or just a person), you know, that sometimes that happens.

Today I thought I'd just share a few random goings-on in Motherhood.  I don't have any pictures to go with them, so I'll show you some pictures of the beach trip we took a few weeks ago.  I never showed you any, and there are some good ones!

  • Baby got his first two teeth in one week!  He is so cute with his little chompers, but boy are they sharp.  He bit my toe the other night, and it really hurt!

 Who doesn't love a good window seat?
  •  Baby loves animals, especially our cats.  He pets and loves on them.  A new sentence has come into my life, though, "Don't eat the cats!"
Enjoying the ocean
  • Little Man has starting licking his chops when he sees us eating.  Unfortunately, when I try to share something soft with him, he always gags, and often throws up.  Guess we have to stick with purees for a while.

 This sand is SUPER fun!!
  • Days like today, I really wish I were a full time Mom.  I tell Brandon that if I were a full time Mom, he would have a nice, clean house all the time.  He tells me that if I were a full time Mom, we wouldn't have a house for me to keep clean.  :)

Mr. Frog

  • Baby's long distance grandparents came to visit from 8 hours away.  He got to spend two days alone with them, while we were at work.
See you in a few days!  I actually have something crafty for you planned!

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