Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Lock

OK. Aside from some chipping paint, you probably can't tell a difference.  That's because you can't see how I feel about these knobs.

There, does that help?

Before:  My lock started out OK, but over the years it has become nearly impossible to use.  The key would go it, but it wouldn't turn and it wouldn't come out.  It made me want to stomp and scream, and sometimes I did.  It was especially bad when I had a screaming baby in his carrier just wanting to go inside and get out.

After:  My key goes in, unlocks the lock, and comes out.  That simple.  No screaming, no stomping, no tears.

It was actually pretty easy.  The instructions were confusing, so I didn't read them.  I did have to watch a You Tube video to figure out how to take my original door knob off, but other than that...easy peasy.

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