Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Healthy Home-Cloth Bum

I started looking into cloth diapering well before I was even pregnant.  I started researching it as a way to save money, but I quickly realized that cloth diapering was good for more than just our financial health.

Here are some important benefits that turned me on to cloth diapering (in no particular order):
  • Money!!-  You can save a ton of money over the diapering of a child, if you choose cloth.  And then, you can reuse them for successive children.  The savings just get better and better.
  • Sans Scary Chemicals-Traditional disposable diapers contain the same chemicals they used to put in tampons that cause toxic shock syndrome (or so I've read).  Sure, a diaper just goes on the outside of baby's body....but still.  Surely there are lots of other chemicals in traditional disposable diapers, too.  And, you know me...I like to try and be chemical free (all natural, baby)!
  • Earlier Potty Training-  Cloth diapers don't have the chemicals in them that keep the baby from feeling wet.  This means, they will likely notice when they've gone potty, at a younger age, dislike having the wet against them, sooner, hopefully resulting in a younger potty trained child.
  • Reduced Rash-  Many people seemed to feel that cloth diapering causes fewer rashes in their kiddos.
  • Earth Friendly-I'll be honest, this really had nothing to do with why I chose cloth...but it's a nice by-product.

Once I was pregnant, I was already sure I wanted to cloth diaper (and thankfully had a supportive husband, willing to give it a try).  But, as I got more and more overwhelmed with my coming responsibilities, I wasn't sure if I would be able to stay committed.  But, I trucked forward with my plans.  We started using cloth on our little man once he was about 2 weeks old (we waited for the umbilical cord to come off and the circumcision to heal).

Here are some things I grew to love about cloth diapering (also in no particular order):
  •'s fun.  I don't know if it is their cuteness (way cuter than boring old white diapers), knowing that I am doing something good for my baby, or the fact that it makes me a little unique (I shamefully admit, sometimes I do like things just because they make me different), but I enjoy it.  I like doing diaper laundry.  I like people to see Baby's cuteness when he wears them.  I just like it.
  • It's not as gross as it seems.  Yes, there are some things that have the potential of being gross, but overall, it really isn't.
  • I love cloth wipes!  My sweet boy has super sensitive skin.  Regular wipes give him a nasty rash in no time.  We use baby washcloths and water for our wipes.  When we use those, he almost never gets a rash.
  • Cloth is cheaper and more convenient.  We went on a cloth diaper break for a few weeks, and it really opened my eyes.  I couldn't believe how many times we had to go out and buy diapers and wipes.  It really grew to be obnoxious.

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