Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Day of School

Today was Brandon's first day of school (he is a PE teacher).'s his first day at his new school.  I wanted to make him a cute Back-To-School gift.  So, Baby and I went to Dollar General to pick up some stuff.

My heart always wants to get silly toys or stickers or something.  But, lets face it, he is a grown man, and doesn't appreciate those things like I do.  So, I got him a big water bottle to keep with him in the gym and some yummy snacks.

The plan was to put everything inside like all the cute things I've seen on Pinterest.  So, I took things out of their packages, washed out the water bottle and then........realized the opening was WAY too small to put anything in.  So, my final product was a lot lamer than I was hoping.

Oh well, the water bottle still says "Happy 1st Day of School!"  And I can guarantee, Brandon doesn't care if it's cute.

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