Monday, July 30, 2012

Motherhood Monday-Taking a Break

I've been feeling a little burned out lately.  I certainly don't want time AWAY from my baby.  I miss him terribly when I'm not with him.  But, a Mommy needs some alone time, every now and then.  Lately, I've been trying to give myself some.  Even if it just means running to the store by myself.

Today, I called my man to let him know I wasn't going to our softball games.  I wasn't feeling well, likely from not getting enough sleep lately.  So, he wonderfully suggested that I go home after work, and he would take the baby and let his mom watch him during his softball game.

I didn't go home and sleep, but I did get some time vegging out in front of the TV, and I intend to go to bed just as soon as my loves get home and my baby is snuggled sweetly in his crib.

Are you a parent?  What do you do when you are in need of a little break?

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  1. When I'm need of a break, Daniel takes over while I either get out of the house (and most often read at Barnes & Noble) or close the door to my bedroom (I usually read or blog or journal) and know kids are taken care of. If Daniel's away on a trip, I get my break when the kids are in bed.