Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer List

I don't know why, but I normally think it's a little silly to make a physical "bucket list".  But, Trina from Beginner Beans posted about her summer bucket list, and I thought it was a good idea.  I have so many things I constantly have on my brain to do, I can't seem to get any of them done.  So this seemed like a good way to set my focus and actually do some things.

Here's mine:

  1.  Create a working budget  
    • The hubbers got a new job, and I have been working less to have more baby time.  This is changing our finances.  And, to be honest, I haven't used a budget in probably a year.  So, I need to change that.  I am going to sit down with my man and we are going to figure it all out.
  2. Take my baby to the beach
    • This is going to be accomplished this week! We are taking a quick trip to the beach to spend a long weekend.  I am so excited!
  3. Focus my crafting
    • I tend to get passionate about specific types of crafts.  I buy lots of supplies to do lots of one type, and then I never do.  I move on to something else.  This is bad for my wallet and bad for my craft closet.  I need to finish up some projects and then decide which crafts I really want to focus on, before buying more supplies.
  4. Get rid of 1/3 of my clothes
    • This might be too ambitious, but this is my plan.  I have way too many clothes and I want to get rid of lots of them.
  5. Clean out my basement
    • Another ambitious undertaking.  My basement has lots of things in it that I do not need or want.  I need to go through it and decide what to get rid of and do so.
  6. Finish reading The Resolution for Women
    • Have you read this, or heard of it?  So good!  I have it on my Kindle.  I'm just really bad at finishing books, but I intend to finish this one this summer.
  7. Start exercising
    • It's shameful that I am almost 4 months postpartum, and the only exercise I get is when I take my baby on a walk or bounce with him on the exercise ball (both things I do often, at least).  I need to start some sort of consistent exercise.
  8. Finish pregnancy journal
    • I wrote my baby letters while I was pregnant and plan to make them into a book for him (and one for me too).  I have started it, but want to finish it by the end of the summer.
  9. Be a Mom
    • I'll be honest, I don't have time for much.  I'm not certain I will even be able to complete the above items.  Either way, I definitely want to spend most of my time being a good mom and wife.  However, a list of 10 items just seemed more complete.
  10. Be a Wife
    • See above.

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  1. Great list! And you CAN get your clothes down 1/3! I believ in you :)