Monday, June 18, 2012

Motherhood Monday-The Beach and Father's Day

Sorry I missed you for Motherhood Monday, last week.  We were spending some family time here:
Unfortunately, Baby didn't particularly like it.  He enjoyed the ocean air, as he LOVES the outdoors.  But, that was about the extent of it.  He didn't like the cold water, he didn't like the sand on his feet, he didn't like the heat.  I really hope he learns to love the beach as he gets older, since Brandon and I possibly love it more than any place on earth.

Brandon got to have his first Father's Day, yesterday!  He's such a good Daddy, and I am so thankful to be sharing parenthood with him.

Baby made this:

What do you think?  I added his name beneath the hand print and wrote,  "Happy Father's Day 2012" on the back.
I got the idea here.

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