Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baby Gifts

I love making baby gifts.  I recently had a shower to go to and made a couple of things.

First up.....a nursing strap.  I know you have heard of nursing covers.  They are great.  I have 3.  But, because of the boning (or whatever they use) in the top to keep them curved, they are slightly bulky for say...a purse.

This strap is cool because it is small and would fit in your purse.  You just clip it to any blanket, and it turns into a nursing cover.  And let's be honest...if you have a baby, there is going to be a blanket nearby.

You can find the tutorial for this strap, here.  I followed it pretty closely.   I didn't do the top stitching.  I just sewed a tube, then turned it inside out and ironed it.  I also added the adjustable strap piece, to make it adjustable.  Not everyone has the same....nursing height.  :)

Next up....burp cloths.  Any mom needs plenty of these, for sure.  I used Gerber's pre-folds.  I prepped them, first.  This meant I had to wash them multiple times.  This makes them sorta quilty, but helps their absorbancy(let me tell you, these are awesomely absorbent).  If you use cloth diapers, you probably know what I'm talking about.

All I did was just sew the ribbons on the natural folds (they are like a tri fold deal).  That's it!
Want a tutorial for this?  Go here.  If you try this, don't be too particular.  These pre-folds are not exactly even.  It might line up at the top and not the bottom or maybe not the middle.  It's OK, though.  They are for spit up.