Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Healthy Home: Baby Steps

For our first Healthy Home post, I thought I'd let you know about the simple steps I have taken to reduce exposure for our little man.  Here are two things I did to reduce the chemical exposure in his nursery.

*Mattress:   In research about something else, I accidentally happened upon information about dangers in crib mattresses.  There are regulations requiring them to be fire retardant.  This isn't bad, in itself.  However, add this to the waterproofing and the foam used inside, and we see that there are harmful chemicals in them!  The mattress that he sleeps on for many hours a day.  I didn't like this.

Good news!  They make natural crib mattresses.  They are still fire retardant and waterproof, but this is achieved with natural substances.  OK.  I admit, the mattress was more expensive than your typical crib mattress.  But, it was worth it to me.  Plus, I put it on our registry, and my dad and his wife got it for us. 

Check out information on typical crib mattresses here and one brand of natural mattresses here.

This is the mattress we  got.  The great thing is that is it sold through BabiesRUs, so we easily put it on our registry.

*Paint:  Did you know that paint contains VOCs (volatile organic compounds)?    Not only are they harmful to breathe while you are painting, the chemicals continue to leach out for years after the paint dries.  Ridiculous.

Good news, again!  They make paint with low or no VOCs.  I got the paint for our nursery from Sherwin Williams.  You can pick the exact same colors as the regular paint, but get it with no VOCs.  I was amazed to find that the paint with VOCs is actually about $18 more than the no VOC paint (at Sherwin Williams, anyway).  You can get no/low VOC paint other places, as well (most places that sell paint, should have this option).

Here's a picture of the nursery walls while we were paining them.  It just looks like regular paint.  It's not dull or runny, and it doesn't look like cave paint or something "naturey".

Check out information on paint VOCs here.

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