Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Maternity Monday

Yes...I am aware that it is Tuesday.  I am just too lazy, lately, to get the motivation to do something, unless I really feel like doing it.  And, yesterday, I was enjoying an evening of doing nothing but watching Netflix with my husband.

However, I am still in maternity "bliss(?)".  I wouldn't call it bliss.  I'd call it....agony, frustration, never ending?  I don't know...you pick.

I know, I know.  I still have 11 days till my due date.  They shouldn't tell you that you can deliver any time after 36 weeks.  It makes each week after that seem long and cruel.

I was initially really thinking baby boy would arrive early.  But, with each day I grow more skeptical.  Now, I'm starting to get fearful.  This is my last week of work.  Then, I have a week until my due date.  And then, he still might decide he likes Mommy's uterus too much to emerge.  Should I have chosen to work until I go into labor? I just don't like that idea, either.  Who knows.

Here's praying for a fully cooked baby, that decides to come out just a couple of days early.

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