Monday, January 9, 2012

Maternity Monday: Babyproofing our Pets, or Petproofing our Baby?

I don't want to live in fear of how my beloved pets will react to my sweet baby, after he comes home.  So, we've started babyproofing our pets...or petproofing our baby, I don't know which.

I started by cleaning a baby doll with baby soap, putting some baby lotion on it, and putting it in our little rocker/bouncer.  Then, I put it on the floor and played baby sounds through Brandon's iPod.  Hurley wasn't phased, at all.  He had his bone.  Not much excites him, if he has a bone.  Vinnie was slightly interested, but mostly just sniffed and looked.  He was mostly interested in sitting in my lap.

The cats, I'm more worried about.  I don't anticipate them being mean, but I really don't want them cuddling up in the crib, bassinet, etc.  They weren't too interested with the baby in the bouncer.  They were, however, interested in the nursery (as cats are always interested in rooms behind closed doors).  I read that cats don't like aluminum foil.  So, I covered all the cuddly places with foil, and opened the door to let them explore.
My son's room currently looks like a space room!  :)

They are still exploring, but I mostly got a lot of this...hiding

I'm still letting them get used to it.  They are less likely to care once Baby is here, if they are used to everything else, first...I hope.

P.S.  I'm huge!

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