Monday, December 5, 2011

Maternity Monday: Feathering the Nest

Sorry I have been sort of MIA.  The holidays and life have kept me pretty busy.  But, here I am in my third trimester.  So far, it's possibly my favorite trimester!  I always heard how miserable it was, but I've had pretty good energy, and actually forgotten that I was pregnant a few times.  Must mean I'm feeling pretty good!

Plus...there's the nesting.  It's awesome!  I went from feeling like I had tons to do in the nursery, to feeling like it's almost done!  I even put up my bookshelves!!

I went through my whole kitchen and got rid of tons of stuff!  Now it's way more organized and there  is actually some extra space.  Hooray!
 Just an example of my kitchen greatness.  If you only knew what this looked like, before.

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