Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Maternity Monday....or...Wednesday-Baby Shower!

I am truly overwhelmed with how blessed we are.  We had our baby shower and were able to stock up on great things!  I feel blessed that my old friend from highschool threw us the shower.  I feel blessed with the gifts we got.  I feel blessed with the amount of people we have in our lives to love our little boy.

 Lots of loot

 Thanks, Laura!

 Love ya, Babe!

Currently, we have every big thing we need, and we didn't pay for any of it.  It was all either purchased for us, or passed down to us.  We were given our crib, dresser/changer, glider/recliner, high chair, travel system, high end breast pump, and my hippie, no chemicals mattress.  Can you believe it?  And to top it off, we have tons of the "little" things as well.  Our family,  our friends, and our God are so good to us.

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