Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Making" Maternity Pants

I'm a small person, and finding maternity pants that fit me is difficult.  I got sick of looking frumpy in baggy butt jeans, and wanted to look cute, again.  I found this tutorial for making maternity pants out of regular ones.  I followed it with this pair of pants.

Unfortunately, they didn't turn out super.  The instructions have you cut all the way below the zipper.  This probably works great if you are farther along.  My belly just isn't quite big enough to hold up a pair of pants with the waist cut out.  So, I adapted the tutorial with these.

Instead of cutting the big dip in the front, I cut off the top band of the pants, just below the button in the center, but still above the pockets and the zipper.  This way, there is still some snugness at the hips to keep them up.  I followed the tutorial for the rest of steps and got these.
They fit so great!  I love having jeans that actually fit!  However, I'm afraid they won't still fit once I am farther along and my belly gets too big.  At that point, I think I will really appreciate the first pair with the big dip in the front.
But for now....I love them!

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