Sunday, September 11, 2011

An Entertainment Center Gets a New Life

When we moved into our house, this was in our basement.   It's terribly ugly, in my opinion.  My mom says it looked like it belonged in a home bar.  I'd been using it to store extra food (when I was couponing and had a "stockpile"), cleaning supplies, etc.

But, after a while, I sort of forgot about everything in it and it was just sitting there.  I wanted to use it to make my new laundry area more functional (I will post about that soon).  So I cleaned it out, and primed it.

I gave it two coats of yellow paint that my mom had leftover from painting a bathroom at her house (sorry no picture of that step).

I didn't know what to do about the awful decorated glass in the doors, but I couldn't leave them like that.

I decided to cover them in paper.  I pulled the pieces out, traced around them on some scrapbook paper I had, and Mod Podged it onto the glass.

 I stuck the glass back in the doors, replaced the handles and knobs, and... tada!
 Now it sits nicely in my laundry area, holding laundry supplies, my clean laundry basket, and extra cleaning supplies (they are hiding in the bottom cabinet).  I just love it!

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