Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things I Love: My Dogs

I honestly don't know a way to express how much I love my dogs.  I know there are many of you who can relate.  I love my cats, too, but there is something about a dog.  Something about the way they know you and somehow seem to know exactly what you need.  Something about the way they love you, even when you are grumpy or rude or selfish.  I tell my husband all the time that they are what my heart needs, and it's absolutely the truth.

We got Hurley in December of 2009.  I love love love big dogs, but since we didn't have a yard, we wanted a small inside dog.  We bought him off of Craigslist for $30 and instantly fell in love.

We were told that he was a lab/terrier mix and would grow to be about 20 pounds.  Lies!  We ended up having to clear our back yard and get a fence put in for our now 45 pound border collie mix.

I found Vincent on the way home from work the following June.  My family and I are incredibly good at finding strays!  He was just standing in the middle of the road looking at the car that just drove past him, seeming to wonder why they didn't stop.  I did not stop to take him.  I stopped to coax him out of the road so he didn't get hit.  I stopped my car, opened the door, and he walked around to my side.  I took one look at him, and knew I couldn't leave him there.  He was skin and bones.  His eyes were goopy, and he just looked ill.  My only intention was to take him to the vet.  I put him in my car and noticed the ticks all over him.  It was obvious this dog did not just wander off of someone's property.  He was not being cared for.  I took him to my mom's, gave him a bath, and left him there for the night.  I didn't want to risk Hurley getting sick from this dog.  Took him to the vet the next day, and he was healthy (aside from the three types of worms and tons of ticks).  By then, I had fallen in love and decided we should try it out and see if he would be a good playmate for Hurley.

Turns out, after some adjusting, he was!  Now they are happy friends.  They have cost us incredibly more than we ever anticipated.  They have chewed on my brand new coffee table, peed on my carpet, destroyed dog beds, towels, blankets, and harnesses.  But, I love them so much, I could scream, sometimes!

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