Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Things I Love: Charcoal Body Wash

I love to use natural products.  They truly do good for my body and soul.

I love Charcoal Body Wash!  Several years ago my mom persuaded me to try some natural face wash to help clear up my acne.  She told me, "All those chemicals can't be good for you."  She was right.  I switched, and my face cleared up a good deal!  But, I still had problems with acne on my chest and back (sorry...TMI?).  That is, until my mommy brought home Collective Wellbeing Charcoal Body Wash.  It cleared my skin right up!  It's not cheap, and so I have strayed many times, trying to save money, assuring myself I've grown out of my acne.  But, within weeks, it always starts coming back, bad.

Unfortunately, they stopped selling this wonderful product at my local health food stores (sad face).  But, I love it so much, I went to their website and paid 26.00 plus shipping and handling for two lovely bottles of this wonderful magic soap.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Crazy Cranes

One of my friends needs 1000 origami cranes for her upcoming wedding.  It's good luck, apparently.  She even had a party for friends to help make some.  Any party that involves crafting is alright in my book!

I came home the other day with a long to do list.  I was tired, stressed, and overwhelmed.  So, I ditched the to do list, and spent my evening watching Netflix and making these!

Although I am far too lazy to take a picture of every step (there are a lot!), you can see the steps with instructions here.  Make some, it's fun!