Monday, June 20, 2011

A Name On It

My dear friend got married last month.  They didn't have a registry, and didn't really need anything.  Hooray!  I good excuse to make something instead.  I much prefer personal gifts, anyway.
I saw this idea online and thought I'd try it for their gift.  Sorry I don't know where I saw it, but there are several resources for etching glass if you google it.

The first thing I did (after I bought a $7 casserole dish at Wally World), was sketch a bunch of  ideas to decide what to put on the thing.

Then, I cut everything out and taped it on the dish to get the right placement.

I put the tape all over it, to make it a big sticky sheet that would keep my design all in the right place.  Then, I peeled it off and stuck it to the top of some Contact paper.

I took my Xacto knife and cut the design out.

Next, I peeled the backing off of the Contact paper and stuck it on the dish.

Then, I took the etching cream and just smeared it all over the sucker.

I let it sit for about 10 minutes, rinsed it, peeled the Contact paper off, and Viola!

 I wish it was easier to see, but cute, nonetheless.  And no, that's not my hairy arm.  It belongs to the lovely owner of this dish.

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  1. A post, from the owner of the hairy arm!!!!!

    We love it Nicole! It's extra fun whenever we get to cook with it! =D